(Blank Canvas)

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As an artist, A.I. The Anomaly delights in her blank canvas as the foundation for building a masterpiece.

Each aspect of her artistry allows her to splash her paint on the canvas, giving the listener nuggets to cherish on the way. Labeled a failure to thrive due to her biological mother’s addictive lifestyle choice and death when A.I. was just three years old, she infuses this pain into her work to produce triumph.

“Above all I was born separated from the Savior, and my new work BLNKNVS reveals the fact that I am actually not bound to labels but I am free to make my own decisions. Through Christ, I am a new creature and no longer bound to sin. I am made new,” -A.I. The Anomaly


The new album, entitled BLNKNVS, uncovers how she is free to create, free to build, free to express, for the purpose of sharing the gospel message. Approaching her work like a painter to the canvas the first stroke of paint brush delivered “Mommas,” an ode to Motherhood that talked about the challenges of juggling being present for your children while balancing full time work, pursuing your dreams and passions while helping them realize their own. In fact, the song mirrored her “Art of Motherhood” film under her Get Fokus’d Productions company which was screened in Buffalo, NY on May 23rd.

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An established photographer, cinematography, and teaching artist, A.I. knows how to employ all of these art forms when necessary to deliver musical content that tailors to each niche. All of these mechanisms help her cope but more importantly allows her to invest in the youth of Buffalo and highlight local business owners by including them in her work. Realizing her own dreams as a young person at times was hard to come by, given she grew up with low self-esteem after her mother’s death, a situation that would impact her childhood until she found her voice and confidence in music.

“The arts helped me cope through trauma and tragedy. I began to look at life as a Blank Canvas and my paint brushes were poetry, music, theater, photography, and film.” - A.I. The Anomaly

Her second single “Miss Me,” is a self-encouraging tune seeking to color the listener with confidence seeing how life can be full of distractions seeking to rob us of our joy. However, A.I. emphasizes in the song to

“Keep away from foolish intentions don’t let that lazy hit you. Rooted in my faith, keep my mission in my face, I got a vision I can taste, I ain’t greedy with this steak, I ain’t afraid to share my plate, but if you ain’t about this weight, there’s plenty room up in this space, go ahead and find your way.” (Lyrics from “Miss Me”)

On “Sipping My Tea,” A.I. paints a picture that speaks to understanding that we may not be able to affect the whole world but are better stewards when we can focus on what’s in front of us and implement change there

“I been bothered by all the moves that I’m seeing/ I never been the type to do a lot of speaking/ Just watching while I’m working on what I can reach/ Trying to build the warning signs I’m trying to teach/ Before the leeches before the border breeches before the fecal is fed by the lords of evil/ Up on the corner selling greed buy it by the liter.” (Lyrics from “Sippin’ My Tea”)

Much like an artist poised and positioned at the easel, A.I. carefully considers her album a BLNKNVS (Blank Canvas) in that she dips her brush in words to pain imagery, carrying the listener on a journey. The hope is that the listener would feel encouraged, enlightened, and hope that it would ignite the urge for others to paint their own stories on their own canvases. A.I. owns her canvas invoking every emotion and feeling no matter how raw or ugly the emotion or how deep or shallow the subject matter.

Her latest single “Weeping Woman” paints an image that is in response to the reality of violence that exists in many communities. It is a cry and scream to the issues of silence and sufferings of those that face trauma due to the long history and continuous exposure to violence. It is also touches on the disparity and hypocrisy between how black youth are often viewed as villainous in comparison to more white collar crime while ignoring the similarities that tie humanity together.

“black street with the red blood dripping/ wall street with the white lines sniffing/ politicians and blue collars for green dollars/ green envy the same story in both sagas no difference we all drifting/ with same problems” (Lyrics from “Weeping Woman”)

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A.I.’s collection of musical works curate an art gallery of sorts, exposing her own childhood pain, stemming from losing her mother at an early age to drug overdose which led to her growing up in foster care until she was adopt. When faced with adversity, A.I. knows how to “switch brushes” or in this case pick the perfect tool to paint her stories a little different than before to offer a bit more perspective that highlights her redemption. Each song carefully crafted is meant to appeal to the palette of the listener who may find A.I. speaking to them with positive affirmations as each song reveals truths about herself and the world.

BLNKNVS is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Author: Aasha Marie