For the Love of Lyrics: Track Title - The Exposition (a.i)

Track: The Exposition     Artist: a.i     Project Title: Sever Threads

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Exposition: noun [ek-spuh-zish-uh n] dialogue, description, etc., that gives the audience or reader the background of the characters and the present situation.
The Exposition was written in order to give a summary of what was to come with the overall project Sever Threads.  It literally highlights mostly every song on the project.


Book two to a story of a woman who was trapped in the knots of her past

Dreaming of freedom hoping the knots would be cast in the sea 

Where memories get stacked in the trash

Tangled in trauma got the chains from my momma 

Got the threads of my father

The cords dangled in drama

My heart mangled from lames swearing they’d be there for me

They left me love sick fiending ecstasy

Choices that I’ve made, look what I done did

Deeper in dark caves, summing up my fears 

Slave to the mundane ways to my grave will I die in this this state bound to my pain

I’m afraid to face my face, I’m all tears 

Fake a fraud, I act with no fear

Fate consumes my faith, my own ears 

Listen to the tune of my own wake I’m dead

Roses rot, standing in the coldest spot

And this sheet of lines, that I hide behind

I’m delicate, why so negligent

The scales trap notes, my medicine

At the cliff with chords I’ve settled with, and these strings too strong to sever them 

The thorns I’ve gripped, I mourned I kicked, feeling weaker by the minute

I sworn I’d quit, but still I’m stitched and I don’t really get it

I torn the script, the stage is ripped, Im going all in it

The forge is lift, the mask is clipped, but another thread gripping

Could it be my enemy is the inner me centerpiece of this sin in me 

Bitter sweet 

That I recognize I’m a wreck inside 

Even reconciled daily dipping in the river of my nemesis 

Malicious the grim reaper the seeker of my soul

This sequel will expose the evil that I’ve known

My past my now

Unmask my fouls I’m casting crowns




I been tangled in these strings forever I just wanna get away

I been praying that my wings won’t fail me I just wanna fly away