For the Love of Lyrics: Track Title: Ad Lib

Track: Ad Lib     Artist: EDI Music featuring a.i     

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Verse 1: Whoz Meech

Christ is the song I'm a adlib

I just go explain what ma dad did 

I sit in the back like a bad kid 

Don't wanna be seen by the masses 

Adlib, Adlib-- ma whole life is a adlib


God is so big Gotta let em know 

We small like a period-decimal 

Pride *yea* so subtle bruh 

Catch you off guard like a sucka punch 

Life can be bumpy so buckle up 

And go tell the flesh better knuckle up 

Im walkin round wit ma funny face 

Ma joy is in Christ I don't need the cake 

At the end of the day it's all fake

He fry up the dough like a funnel cake 

Adlib-adlib ma whole life is a adlib 

Yup ma whole life is a adlib 

Pharisees talkin bout taxes

Why are they talkin bout taxes 

Jesus replied like a savage 

Better give Caesar that cabbage

I am so sick of the government 

But I gotta respect that I'm under it (Romans 13) 

God preparin for armeggedon 

Seal after seal waitin for the seventh 

The bible on front I'm just in the back 

I don't even care I don't have to rap 

Ma brothers get killed all across the map 

Isis havin they phone tapped 

they havin no choice but to talk in codes

Whole family killed when they gettin home 

Adlib adlib they whole life is


Verse 2: Hav Mercy

I live my life in the background 

I am an echo, a backsound

I am a shadow of HIS shape

Reflecting the image of HIS face

~Adlib Adlib my whole life is an Adlib~

I am the canvas but he's the art 

arteries, veins, but he's the heart

fiery flames but HE the spark

Chapter 16 in the book of Mark

Ima broke king with a cracked crown to the true God ima bow down

Everybody gonna bow one day 

So You might as well go on and bow now

We Rott-Wild in this dog pound

We pitbulls with a ragdoll

Pow pow that's the kickback

I'm like the Uhhh when Ross rap

HE'S the feast 

Ima dinner Tool

HE is all

I am minuscule 

Ima dirt crumb

HE’s a crown jewel




Verse 3: a.i

Hanging in the back like a nap sack

In hooded shirt and a brimmed cap

In the background like a backdrop

God the full play I'm his set prop

So amputate all the accolades

When I'm dead and gone 

And I'm in the grave 

All that matters is 

What the master say

You either in or out 

Like my momma said

So I'm in the back

Like the backyard 

While the vain hearts on the front porch

Or in the streets like the Pharisees 

Screaming look at me (don't look at me)

Cuz when the bookend 

Christ scissor kick all that pride down 

Like he Booker T

Fiending for FaceTime

Vanity yay High 

We going live 

Living that fake life

Just to get views likes

Look at the times

This is the masses

Pray for a palace 

Peace never find 

Reaching for status

Rooted in baggage

True joy in the vine 

Christ be the track list 

I'll be the adlib

That'll be fine