Go a.i Story


The Story

Aitina Fareed Cooke "A.I. The Anomaly" was told at a young age that she would be a “failure to thrive” as a result of her biological mother's addiction to drugs. At 14 months old her and her siblings were placed in foster care. A.I. was just three years old when her mother died of a drug overdose. At six A.I. was introduced to writing as a way of releasing any pain due to trauma. She was told by a counselor to express herself through words. A.I. embraced this art and began to create stories and poems which later developed into music.

Despite the challenges of growing up without her biological mother and father, A.I. was blessed that her foster mother had a relationship with God and imparted that mindset to her. Although, it didn’t resonant immediately she found herself embracing scripture and desiring a closer walk with God. In her late teens she tried to fill the voids in her life with many of life's temporary fixes. However she knew that there was only one remedy worth sticking with, someone who would never leave her nor forsake her… Christ. A.I. has been fully committed, passionate, and creating music to inspire change since 2007.

As an artist not only does A.I. stand out as an entrepreneur, owning her own film and photography called Get Fokus’d Productions but she is a woman devoted to the gospel who gives back to her community. Fully invested in her efforts to reach the next generation of young artists in Buffalo, she uses proceeds from her music and company to provide tools and resources for young artists and entrepreneurs. An accomplished Christian hip hop artist, A.I. has collaborated with fellow CHH artists’ Selah the Corner and Datin (God Over Money label), Illuminate, Zaydok the GodHop MC, and won a Kingdom Choice Award in 2017 in the “Next Up” category, where she performed onstage in a cypher at the awards show. In a world full of darkness where many are reaching for hope, A.I. hopes that her musical gift will influence many to trust in Jesus.