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Free ways to support a.i!

Did you know that there were free ways to support artists that you believe in? I created an opportunity for those who would like to support me in promoting my upcoming project: sever threads. I have also listed three other ways you can support artists at no cost.


Join the Journey through Telegram!
I created a Telegram Channel called The sever threads Journey. This channel was created for those would like to support me in promoting my upcoming project: sever threads. Click the button below in order to join the channel.

3 Free Ways to Support Artists


Sharing is caring! 
One of the best ways to support the artists you believe in is to share their music, posts, photos, videos, and anything that enlightens, inspires, or motivates you about that artist. This assists the artist's reach by increasing engagement, so share away!!


See a post, Comment quick!
Another way to support the artists you love is to leave a comment. You might want to do it right away while it's right in front of you. This can be a great way to communicate directly with the artist. Your comments about their music, posts, photos and videos may inspire and motivate them based upon your feedback. It is also very encouraging to hear from supportive individuals.


Leave a short Review!
Lastly, whenever you hear a song, experience a visual, or read a post from your favorite artists, you can leave a short review. It can be a sentence or two that briefly explains why you enjoyed their musical, visual, or artistic creation. This helps the artist by adding legitimacy to their work.

Whether you share, comment, or review just know that your support is valued, respected, and appreciated.

Immense Gratitude!

a.i  March 23, 2017


March 23, 2017