Reflections: September 2017

Check out a few highlights from September!

God First: Christ Crusaders Assembly - Youth Sunday School


We've been teaching our Sunday School youth about the fruits of the Spirit and the books of the Bible.  We are getting them prepared for our Youth Sunday that will happen in October.  Youth Sunday happens every fifth Sunday and it allows our youth to take control over the service.  We teach them how to organize the service (music, message, etc) and it gives them the opportunity to share what they are learning and their talents.  It is very exciting to see their growth!

Family: Back 2 School & Toddler Adventures!

Isaac Mini Photo Session_14.jpg

It's back to school for our son, Isaac!  He started 5th grade this year and he is attending a new school, City Honors!  We are all excited for him and the amazing journey he will be on this year. 

Our little lady is growing fast!  I am so excited to be able to spend more time with her.  Now that I am a full time entrepreneur, I can created my own schedule and be intentional about the time I spend with my family.  I can already see that with the extra time spent with my ladybug, we are creating an even stronger bond together.

Go a.i Musik: Kingdom Choice Awards

God is amazing!  I think back to those days when I would ask God "Why Me" as I dealt with various issues growing up.  I remember thinking I was God's only mistake.  I didn't understand at that time what my future would look like.  He knew what he was doing I just had to submit and trust Him.  I am happy to be a servant of God and to let Him use me for His glory.

I was honored to win the KCA Up Next award.  This acted as an encouragement for me to keep pushing, keep praying, and to keep persevering.  

Youth: Young & Fokus'd

I started Young & Fokus'd about a year ago and the purpose of this project is to promote youth who display dedication, perseverance, and "fokus" in their academics, arts, and/or their community.  It's also a source for information that educates, uplifts, motivates, and encourages youth (& young adults). This month I released some tips for youth since they were starting back to school.  For more information about Young & Fokus'd click here.


Business: Get Fokus'd Productions

Things have been going really well with my photo & film business (Get Fokus'd Productions).  Shown above are some of this months images that I captured for a couple clients.


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Continue to Pray. Push. Persevere. In everything you do - give your all. Go all in.